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Frequently Asked Questions

We always handle these items with the utmost discretion and care. If required, we can destroy them by shredding and provide a written confirmation that this has been done. If during a clearance we find items or documents of importance, these will be retained for your perusal before disposal.

  • In cases of extreme contamination we will be happy to do the job. In addition, we can clear the garden, and generally reinstate the whole property, leaving it ready for immediate sale or transfer, we can not only clear the property as normal, but provide a deep cleaning service for bathrooms, kitchens, and other parts of the property as required.
  • We have considerable experience in valuing antiques, and can use the value of these to offset the cost of clearance, or, if the amount of our invoice is exceeded, we can make a payment to you by cheque or cash.

We offer several cleaning services for an extra charge. See our cleaning services page for more details

We try to recycle as much waste and clearance as we can. We pass on any sellable items on to local charity shops.
Weight in scrap metals, and take the time to sort general waste and dispose at recycling facilities.

We are fully registered with the Environment Agency. If you would like to see our waste carriers license,
we can show you in person, or forward a copy on to you in advance.

We hold full public liability insurance, up to a value of £10 million pounds.

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